Linux Foundation’s invitation-only event unites business and technical experts to collaborate on technical issues, the business of open source, best practices in collaborative development, and how to grow open source communities.

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Lauren Cooney

Lauren Cooney has over fifteen years of experience creating, building and leading high-growth businesses for multiple Fortune 500 companies including BEA Systems (now Oracle), IBM, Microsoft and Cisco Systems, where she currently leads software strategy, business development, new product management and go-to-market for the CTO Office in Engineering. She is the go-to leader for net-new ventures at large companies and often brought in to create opportunities for companies around new product offerings, developer communities and user ecosystems, business and GTM models and more.

She works directly for the CTO & Chief Architect of Engineering at Cisco and with the CTO team & cross-functional business and development organizations, customers, partners and users to understand, drive and deliver on new software solutions and strategies. Her knowledge of how to grow, optimize, scale and lead end-to-end functions across organizations and business units, combined with hands-on expertise in software-specific product management inclusive of Lean and Minimum Viable Product models, marketing, GTM, sales enablement, developer relations, partner programs, Open Source, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and more have led to open source foundations and projects such as OpenDaylight, new SMB offerings for service providers and new market and business models for Cisco, the pioneering of the Lean/MVP model out of Cisco’s CTO office and more. Cooney is passionate about users, developers and how technology is consumed in multiple arenas and has in-depth knowledge in how to create, build and deliver end-to-end solutions in both new and existing markets.

Cooney was recently recognized by the Huffington Post and Business Insider a top leader in enterprise software and cloud industries. She frequently speaks at conferences and events and works closely with customers, partners, investors, press and analysts on multiple topics.